readed obd2 values fd6

 Value names
1 Device Time
2GPS Time
3 Longitude
4 Latitude
5GPS Speed (Meters/second)
6 Horizontal Dilution of Precision
7 Altitude
8 Bearing
9 G(x)
10 G(y)
11 G(z)
12 G(calibrated)
13Absolute Throttle Position B(%)
14Acceleration Sensor(Total)(g)
15Acceleration Sensor(X axis)(g)
16Acceleration Sensor(Y axis)(g)
17Acceleration Sensor(Z axis)(g)
18Accelerator PedalPosition D(%)
19Accelerator PedalPosition E(%)
20Air Fuel Ratio(Commanded)(:1)
21Air Fuel Ratio(Measured)(:1)
22Android device Battery Level(%)
23Average trip speed(whilst moving only)(km/h)
24Average trip speed(whilst stopped or moving)(km/h)
25Barometer (on Android device)(mb)
26Barometric pressure (from vehicle)(psi)
27Catalyst Temperature (Bank 1 Sensor 1)(°C)
28Commanded Equivalence Ratio(lambda)
29Cost per mile/km (Instant)($/km)
30Cost per mile/km (Trip)($/km)
31CO₂ in g/km (Average)(g/km)
32CO₂ in g/km (Instantaneous)(g/km)
33Distance to empty (Estimated)(km)
34Distance travelled since codes cleared(km)
35EGR Commanded(%)
36EGR Error(%)
37Engine Coolant Temperature(°C)
38Engine kW (At the wheels)(kW)
39Engine Load(%)
40Engine Load(Absolute)(%)
41Engine RPM(rpm)
42Fuel cost (trip)(cost)
43Fuel flow rate/hour(l/hr)
44Fuel flow rate/minute(cc/min)
45Fuel Remaining (Calculated from vehicle profile)(%)
46Fuel Trim Bank 1 Long Term(%)
47Fuel trim bank 1 sensor 2(%)
48Fuel Trim Bank 1 Short Term(%)
49Fuel used (trip)(l)
50GPS Accuracy(m)
51GPS Altitude(m)
52GPS Bearing(°)
53GPS Latitude(°)
54GPS Longitude(°)
55GPS Satellites
56GPS vs OBD Speed difference(km/h)
57Horsepower (At the wheels)(hp)
58Intake Air Temperature(°C)
59Intake Manifold Pressure(psi)
60Kilometers Per Litre(Instant)(kpl)
61Kilometers Per Litre(Long Term Average)(kpl)
62Litres Per 100 Kilometer(Instant)(l/100km)
63Litres Per 100 Kilometer(Long Term Average)(l/100km)
64Mass Air Flow Rate(g/s)
65Miles Per Gallon(Instant)(mpg)
66Miles Per Gallon(Long Term Average)(mpg)
67O2 Sensor1 Equivalence Ratio(alternate)
68O2 Volts Bank 1 sensor 2(V)
69Percentage of City driving(%)
70Percentage of Highway driving(%)
71Percentage of Idle driving(%)
72Relative Throttle Position(%)
73Run time since engine start(s)
74Speed (GPS)(km/h)
75Speed (OBD)(km/h)
76Throttle Position(Manifold)(%)
77Timing Advance(°)
79Transmission Temperature(Method 1)(°C)
80Trip average KPL(kpl)
81Trip average Litres/100 KM(l/100km)
82Trip average MPG(mpg)
83Trip Distance(km)
84Trip distance (stored in vehicle profile)(km)
85Trip Time(Since journey start)(s)
86Trip time(whilst moving)(s)
87Trip time(whilst stationary)(s)
88Turbo Boost & Vacuum Gauge(psi)
89Voltage (Control Module)(V)
90Voltage (OBD Adapter)(V)
91Volumetric Efficiency (Calculated)(%)